Street portraits

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Dutch street portraits

My street portraits

As you can read on my street photography page I am into a traditional kind of street photography as well. But although street photography is photography that features the human condition within public places in a candid kind of way, I also like to approach people to ask them whether I may portray him or her. Just like that, in the middle of the street, without any beautification and ‘just’ as they are. I guess you know who they are: they are the people you see on the street who make the world more colorful. If you have eyes for it, that is…

Because I love to meet people and in this way I often hear the story behind the face. Sometimes people tell me an excerpt of their lives. I find that very special. I mean, I am a total stranger to them! This gives a picture even more content. At least in my own personal experience as a photographer. So, what I seek in my street portraits is a characteristic story. A story that sometimes comes in a combination of an image ánd words. And at the same time, I gives me the opportunity to respond to my enthusiasm for writing!


Are these pictures street portraiture?

As I said, street photography is candid photography in public places. Street portraiture is a sub category of street photography. So, according to this definition a street portrait is a candid portrait. But as I stated in my blogpost 5 rules in street photography an why you could break with them, I like to make my own rules in relation to my photography. Ergo, I call the pictures on this page ‘Street Portraits’. I do have a separate page for candid portraits though: People!


I hope you’ll enjoy my work. Please, leave a comment in my GUESTBOOK if you do 😉


Click here tot got to MY PHOTO’S on my STREET PORTRAITS page!!