Street photography

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Dutch street photography


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I’ve been taking street photographs for many years. But I wasn’t always aware of it I guess. Because I take pictures of all kinds of subjects and yes, there were and are often people in them.
Later on I realized that street photography is a commen thread in my portfolio. And I found out that I developed a second way of looking at things. I believe that it is an ability to respond intuitively to remarkable (photographic) situations. A photo moment often arises in a split second. The trick is to see that moment coming before it happens. I often let, so to speak, my subconscious aim and trigger my camera. And in case of street photography this happens in public space; mostly out on the streets.

The people who I photograph are mostly not aware that their picture is taken. Because it is my intension to capture my subject in his remarkable behavior and appearance.
Sometimes I like to approach people to ask them whether I may portray him or her. I find these unexpected  encouters very surprizing and meaningfull for me as a photographer, but also as a social being. I invite you to also view my street portraits.


Street photography with a grainy twist

I love different styles of photography and I admire a lot of photographers. But artists such as John ClaridgeRichard Avedon and (above all) the Dutchman Ed van der Elsken are certainly among my favorites. With great skill and sense of drama they portrayed the people they encountered. In their own style and with the analogue technique that they were so familiar with. In their portfolio’s you will find pictures with a ‘raw edge’. Portraits of unexpected passersby on the street. Pictures of characteristic people, sometimes living on the fringes of society.

I don’t want to compare myself at all to the legends of photography that I just mentioned, but I think it’s fun to experiment with the techniques they used. Photo techniques with high contrast and grainy, maybe even raw pictures as result. And I am, just as they were, searching for the story behind the face. A story that is told in a fraction of a second, but in which you will find an image of time.

I realize that my camera and I are close to the personal privacy of people. As a street photographer I want to register people’s everyday lives. And in these everyday lives you will find joy and happiness, but also sadness and misery. So, every now and then I see myself faced with the question wether it’s ok to publish a certain picture. I hate it to censor myself, but I’ve made pictures that I have never published. Because I want to photograph with respect to the people in my pictures. But most of all: I want to further develop my personal style of street photography.

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